The slurry pipelin damaged caused by mechanical seal and solutions

Coal washing plant pump Mechanical Seals with carbide or ceramic as the general dynamic and static ring material, which is characterized by high hardness, brittleness, such as improper use, it is easy to damage.

In the domestic coal preparation plant, the prevalence of slurry exported no check valve, and outlet valve related death in the system, in this system, the pump stops when the coal slurry pipeline back often damage the pump mechanical seal, After the scene a lot of statistical analysis, found that damage to the following reasons:

1. Vibration

Reflux caused by pump vibrations in the dynamic and static mechanical seal ring to generate the frequent separation of the role later in the spring of Instantaneous closed, the pump operating state, the closure of the impact force sufficient to rupture leaving seal ring seal failure, even if the movement does not ring rupture, dynamic and static ring is turned on between the slurry into the sealing surface, the seal will fail.

2. Reversal

The impact of the impeller to pump water back to reverse, because of some poorly designed seal structure (structure below), the inverted ring transmission parts easily happen in the crash, after repeated impact, easily broken ring mechanical seal failure.

Through the above analysis, we can get back to prevent seal damage due to the method are the following:

1, to avoid reflux

Installed in the pump outlet check valve or replace the valve, stopping the pump will not be back, returning from a fundamental solution to the problem of damage to the seal.

Post time: Jun-25-2021