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Double seal for Johnson SLA Series pump

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Mechanical seals for Johnson OL-Series Lobe Pumps.
pump Model :OL1/0004/15,OL1/0006/10,OL1/0008/07,OL2/0017/15,OL2/0025/10,OL2/0034/07
Mechanical seal for Circumferential Piston Pumps , Revolution, TRA 10 Series , TRA 20 series
classic  range of pumps , CP 10, CP20,CP30,CP40,CP50, and for Concept SQ range of pumps ,
Mechanical seal for Mutipump , MP10,MP20,MP30,MP40,MP50.
Mechanical seal for RTP Range of pumps, RTP20/RTP30.
Mechanical seal for Sterilobe range of pumps ,  Pump Model :SLAS, SLAL, SLBS, SLBL, SLCS, SLCL
SLES, SLEL, SLFS,SLFL,SLGS,SLGL, TRA20,0060,0150,0180,0300,0450,0600,1600,1800,2100,2200,3200.
Mechanical seals for IC and PD series lobe rotor pumps  IC10 and PD 10,IC20 and PD 20,
IC30 and PD 30,IC40 and PD 40,IC50 and PD 50.

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